Unsere Produkte

Our winery

If the doors are open at our house, but at first glance no one is there, it may well be that we are in the wine cellar taking care of the new wine.


After all, it is a long way for the grapes from the wine press to the bottle.

Wine production has a long tradition on the Moselle, of which we are very proud. That is why it is twice as much fun for us to run our small winery in a traditional and natural way for more than 7 generations, where each has passed down the many secrets of winemaking to the next.

Our passion is natural and individual viticulture! We try to combine the old with the new and give the wine room to develop naturally.
We work exclusively with traditional and proven methods, which is why a wine bottle has passed through many hands before it is ready for sale. Our aim is to produce a unique, natural wine where you can taste the work and passion we have invested.

Our enthusiasm and way of life are reflected in our wines. Share this feeling at a personal wine tasting during your holiday in one of our holiday flats or discover your favourite wine in our wine shop.